Transforming Leaders

from the Inside OUT

Changing the way you think about leadership

​There have been paradigm shifts over the years, but the reality is that contemporary leadership, unfortunately, still practices “Stone Age Power Tools.” These old tools show up as predatory dominance….thriving at another’s expense. This type of leadership focuses on control versus relationship. Does this sound familiar? These "tools" don't lead to a quality of life experience for a follower nor make for an effective leader.

​The great leaders exhibit uncomplicated leadership traits. Traits we can all exhibit if we can first unlearn the Stone Age strategies and embrace a less predatory approach to true leadership, which is basically…….influence.

​This experiential learning partners with horses and encourages you to discover new ideas about leadership.

All our human & equine facilitators can guide you towards becoming an outstanding person of influence within your family, community and organization.

Join us on a unique journey to "unbridle" your leadership skills and change the way you think about leadership.

                                                                                               ~Margaret Z. Couch, Founder

"Leadership is _________________________________?"

Everyone can fill in that blank! We all know the principles of leadership; most of them were embedded through our life experiences as “followers”.

If we recognize that practices and ideologies associated with leadership were derived from rather primitive thinking, it serves us well to open our minds to other impressions of what it means to guide and lead others. UBL
teaches a ​less predatory, more compassionate model for the 21st century.




These more effective traits include     

1) Increased Awareness of Self, Others and our Environment
2) Emotional and Social Agility     
3) Commitment to Ethical Values    
4) Balance of Unique Interactive Leadership Styles